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Taking control of your health is one of the things you carry out in your daily life. But sometimes it can seem or turn sour because of some life challenges. If you have any difficulties with your health care then we are here for you to provide broad wellbeing information services to help position you in charge of your healthcare. We are here to help you make significant choices regarding your health from your life style decisions for instance smoking, exercises, drinking and other illness that you may be suffering from. 

In most cases appropriate feet care is never something majority of us ponder unless troubles put us out of place. However, foot and ankle problems are amid the main common health illnesses. Practically everybody will experience a number of foot and ankle troubles in their life. Even though some foot and ankle problems are inherited, many are as a result of a lifetime full of ill-treatment and neglect, for instance wearing inappropriate footwear or not inquiring for early medical checkup. We are a team of specialists in foot and ankle who are more than ready to take care of all conditions affecting your foot and ankle, as well as plantar fasciitis problems.

Our plantar fasciitis foot care plan was created to ease the trouble of foot illness in our customers through high-tech assessment, education, treatment and advanced research. Our workforce is a team of leaders in prevention, early finding and successful treatment of foot and ankle {plantar fasciitis} problems. The primary patient test comprises diagnostics for instance determining barefoot plantar forces, ankle-brachial indices and pulsation feeling by our expertise who advices you accordingly on how to get your well being steadily.

Plantar fasciitis entails pain and inflammation of a chunky group of tissue also known as the plantar fascia that runs all through bellows your foot and joins your heel bone to the toes. Plantar fasciitis is commonly known to cause heel pain. It normally causes sharp pains that regularly happen in the morning with every first step. It is mostly common in middle aged people and runners who are at their toes most of the times. Overweight people, those who put on shoes with less support and pregnant women face the threats of plantar fasciitis.

Usually your plantar fascia works like as a shock absorber giving support to the arch on your foot. The fascia can tear if the pressure on the bowstring increases, and if it continues time after time the fascia can get irritated as a result of stretching and tearing. But there is no need to worry because plantar fasciitis can be handled well by our foot and ankle professionals.

Even though there is no single treatment that will work perfectly for each person with plantar fasciitis, there are a number of things you can undertake to improve the state of your foot. You can get new shoes that are appropriate, give your feet some rest from active movements, try putting ice on your heel if it swollen, also stretch the toes as ways of getting better. All these are with the help of our certified personnel that is available at all times for you. We have established a solid follow up by our clients who have continuously used our information and products as well making referrals to new customers. As a result our staff has managed to maintain accuracy and transparency in our services and delivery. Please leave comments or suggestions bellow about or services and products. You can also contact us for any help.


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Your staff is extremely brilliant!  You understand your business like the back of your hands. I came for treatment some few months ago and now am fully back to my job without ant regulations, and I am happy. I would commend any person who is in need of great foot ankle attention
Mary E. Winslow
Ice-Cold Frog Marketing


Apart from your staff being so friendly, efficient, personable and professional, I am more impressed with the doctor’s willingness to undertake my case even though others wrote me. His dedication and compassion was helpful and I am now able to put on sandles without a limp
Donna R. Schwarz
The Deep Lime Builders Company

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