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Orthotics can assist in Heel Pain

Orthotics is a branch of medical science that involves the use of orthoses to rectify disorders pertaining to bones, muscles, nerves or ligaments. A large part of orthotics deals exclusively with the improvement of foot health and the prevention as well as cure of foot ailments using a particular set of orthoses such as foot insoles, anklets and so on. Orthoses are scientifically prepared and prescribed devices that can be used for varied purposes, right from restricting movement in a particular direction and reduction of weight-bearing forces, to assisting movement, flexibility, rehabilitation and so on. This article deals specifically with how orthotics can assist you with the problem of heel pain, and provide much-needed relief and treatment.

Heel Pain in the Morning? Nip the Problem in the Bud!

If you have been experiencing consistent heel pain in the morning, it’s a definite red alert that you might have developed Plantar Fasciitis. The main symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis include intense heel pain, and pain along the arch of your foot. It could happen in one foot or both feet, and it is also found to be the most painful when one wakes up in the morning. Internally, the problem arises because of the inflammation of the Plantar Fascia, the tissue that runs along the entire base your foot and connects to all toes. The use of customized orthotic insoles and use of proper, supportive footwear is the first corrective measure to rid of you of your chronic heel pain. Practicing heel-stretching exercises as prescribed by a certified orthotist are also known to aid in speedy recovery.

Heel Spur Syndrome

Plantar Fasciitis is also known as the Heel Spur Syndrome, and while there could be several reasons for a person to develop this condition, the most common reason has been attributed to the overstretching of the plantar fascia, which leads to small tears in it and thereon leads to excruciating heel pain. If your work involves standing for prolonged durations on hard surfaces, or you’ve been involved in intensive walking, running, dancing etc, your plantar fascia is at a greater risk of developing spurs. Being overweight, having flat feet or high foot arches are also considered as contributing factors. Even at the slightest instance of pain or discomfort, wearing shock-absorbing insoles or footwear inserts can make a great difference and prevent the situation from worsening. While orthotics can serve as a remedial as well as curative measure, there are other treatments like physiotherapy, anti-inflammatory medication and mild stretching exercises that can be tried as well.

A look at Footlogics

Using orthotic insoles aids in the prevention as well as treatment of several serious foot ailments like Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendonitis. But in order to work well, the orthotic insoles need to be of high quality, designed with absolute precision and suitable for your feet. So it’s not only important to consult a reputed orthotist for your foot ailments, but also necessary to purchase orthotic insoles from a highly reliable manufacturer. Footlogics is an established name in the field, with the best team of orthotic experts to provide you with exactly the kind of insoles that your feet require. Backed by intensive research and development activities, the high-grade orthotic insoles manufactured by Footlogic are used by customer across Australia, Canada, UK, Germany, Netherlands as well as South-East Asia.

Foot Ailments common amongst Basketball Players

As is the case with marathon runners and other athletes, the probability of basketball players developing foot ailments is also quite common. The reason why basketball players are more prone to foot ailments in particular is the very nature of the sport that involves a great amount of running, jumping, dodging and stretching, all of which put in a lot of pressure on the foot. A number of NBA players reportedly suffer from Plantar Fasciitis every year, and this is exactly why the team doctors have been stressing on the use of supportive footwear and orthotic insoles for them as a prime necessity. If the problem is ignored in the beginning, the heel pain becomes too sharp and it becomes absolutely impossible to play. So addressing the issue from the very beginning is the way to prevent it from aggravating.

Does Shock-Wave Therapy Help?

Shock-Wave Therapy is a physiotherapeutic treatment used for alleviating heel spurs, heel pain and plantar fasciitis. Many patients have benefitted from this therapy, which is said to be one of the most advanced technologies available for treating plantar fasciitis today. The process of shock-wave therapy involves the primary application of contact gel, followed by use of electrodes to send mild shock waves through the heel, or the affected area on the whole.








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